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Dr. Soma Sarkar

Authors : Dr. Soma Sarkar .

By the time this issue reaches your hand, I hope the pitter-patter of the rains will be soothing your nerves and slake the long parched thirst of Mother Earth.

Prosaic prose and romanticism aside, this is also the time when the lady will be stuck with various skin and hair issues. Thought the rains bring down the temperature, Monsoons also raise the humidity level. Primary issues that we doctors also encounter are candidiasis, bacterial infection and the bane of all women – acne flare up. Hair issues of course compound, because of dandruff.

This issue will try to answer the various queries posed by the lovely ladies on how to take care of their skin during the Monsoons. Is sunscreen essential? How do I ensure my hair is just as awesome as ever inspite of the drenching in the rains? What do she do to keep her skin moisturised, yet dry to ensure that she doesn’t suffer from fungal infections? We try to answer these quintessential questions to help you tide over the rains.

Apart from being a practitioner, we hope the information curated here also helps you personally as an user too.

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