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Welcome to FACETHETIC: A Journal for FACIAL Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine. FACETHETIC is the new scientific journal through quality peer-reviewed editorial. FACETHETIC works in partnership with the leading physicians, suppliers and societies to offer timely and valuable content to help educate and inform the aesthetics industry.

This industry deserves a publication dedicated totally to it, a publication that will not only communicate but educate, motivate, and inspire you with the latest, most applicable and usable peer-reviewed information you need to do your work smarter, better, and more effectively.

FACETHETIC’s is trying to create the leading international facial aesthetic & anti-ageing publication; one that provides every aesthetic medical professional and supplier with a more effective communication forum to discuss, understand, implement, and apply the latest applications and technologies shaping the present and future development of the aesthetic industry.

Each section of FACETHETIC will have Practical information and case studies, with useful examples will allow you to apply what you read to your work.

Each article will also be published online on this website so that you can access anywhere anytime. We look forward to grow, understand, learn, and apply everything this remarkable industry has in store for us and to provide you the same.

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Dr. Abdul Hameed

An old saying reads “Face is the index of the mind”. The face is also the revelation of the self. It is also true that the most sophisticated intelligence, evolved over millions of years, is brought to bear on reading the face, deciphering who a person is or what they are about from the tiniest nuances of expression.This explains why we have such fear of facial disfigurement. This rational fear of being an outcast in the society has over time given birth to the niche specialty of aesthetic surgery of the facial region. We want to be beautiful because we want to be loved and found desirable. 'We choose our clothes, we exercise and diet in order to maintain a preferred shape. Cosmetic surgery is just another way of improving our looks and how we feel about ourselves’.Think also of how human beings accept the signs of age in the face. We expect to read a person's life experience in his or her face.

Over years the specialty has evolved from the exchange of ideas and techniques perfected by various specialties such as plastic surgery, dermato-surgery, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry. There is an intricate play involved in bringing about good facial harmony between these specialties. The soft tissues aside, the underlying facial skeleton, the skin over the soft tissue, its complexion and texture, the teeth with its alignment and hue, all play an important part in making the face attractive.

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this endeavor where many specialties come together to exchange views and ideas, to share experiences and to mentor the new ones on the block all with one utopian intention of improving the face.

Dr. V. JeevanPrakash