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Dr. Vrushali Rane Khan

Authors : Dr. Vrushali Rane Khan.

It gives me immense pleasure and honor to write the editorial of this academically enriching initiative by Dr Abdul Hameed - Facethetics.

As specialists in our respective fields of expertise, our knowledge is generally restricted to developments in our field. Facethetics is a refreshing change as rather than focusing on one branch of medicine, it focuses on the most sought after part of our body in terms of beauty – the FACE. And in this attempt, it brings together dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons together and pools in the best therapeutics available in these different branches to beautify the one most important part of our personality..our FACE ..

I wish Dr Hameed the best in his untiring endeavour to keep updating the upcoming advances in the field of facial aesthetics.